Work Experience

We aim to give all students aged 14-16 the opportunity to gain work experience within the community. Ellis 2

The Work Experience Co-ordinator organises placements in partnership with each student. 

Once parental consent letters have been received, the work placement will commence. The Work Experience Programme teaches the students

  • Skills
  • Communication
  • Respect
  • Confidence
  • Responsibility

Students who want to undertake work experience within The Woodlands Academy are not just given the opportunities, they have to apply for the positions themselves. This gives them experience of completing an application form and undertaking an interview. 

Different placements are advertised in the careers classroom in school, with a wide variety of options available. 

Woodlands Academy Work Experience Case Studys

"My Work Experience" by Kai Dykes Kai 1

I went to the MOT garage in Billinghay. On the first day Paul the manager told me to go round and see where all the tools and toolboxes were. The next day he got me replacing some brake pipes and pads and once I had done that I had to clean the tools and put them away.

On the third and fourth day I went out to collect some oil drums to put the old oil in from the workshop, when this was completed I was instructed to clean up the workshop.   On the last day I serviced two cars and a bike, Paul then showed me how to do the emissions text and use the tyre machine. Kai 2

At the end of the week Paul asked me if I was available to come and work on Saturday. When I arrived I was helping in the pit looking underneath cars and looking at the wheel bearings and track rod ends. Overall I really enjoyed it and hope to go back in the future.

It was really nice I enjoyed it. Paul looked after me and got me lunch and drinks every day.

Work Experience at LMT by Ellis Duncan

Ellis 1On my work experience I worked at Louth Motorcycle Training in Louth. I found it very interesting because I   enjoy mechanics/engineering at school. On my first day I started by taking a moped to individual pieces so they can sell them separately.

I worked there for a whole week from 9am—4pm, I reported to the supervisor every morning to find out my duties for the day. On the second day they gave me a mentor and I was working on 2 stroke motorbikes with him. This experience has made me more confident in the future career path I want to take and learning hands on about motorbikes.

The Woodlands Academy Work Experience Co-ordinator is Laurie Reed. Laurie can be contacted on 01790 753902 or emailed via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.